August 8, 2019 NAD BR Plus

Hangover IV Drip- The Instant Fix

Last night you got a “lil bit” carried away with those tequila shots, and the regret hits you hard when you wake up in the morning curled next to the toilet. Icing on the cake, you have got to go to the work in just two hours. What would you do in this situation? Let us guess, you will make a strong cup of coffee, or probably you will take Tylenol or any other syrup to cure the hangover, only to find out that nothing is working out to put an end to the head spinning and sick feeling at all. What next then? What is the quickest way to cure the hangovers? Well, Doctor IV Therapy’s hydration drip is here for the rescue.

But the question is; how IV treatment could be helpful in eliminating hangover symptoms?

Let us explain. We get hangovers due to the dehydration, as alcohol is diuretic, so it makes you urinate excessively which makes your body lose an excessive amount of water and salts. Dehydration leads to electrolytes imbalance which causes you severe headaches. Besides dehydration, alcohol causes terrible inflammation in your stomach lining. As a result, your stomach starts secreting the gastric acid which eventually leads to nausea and vomiting.

When you consume more than enough alcohol, your liver has to deal with a lot. It needs to break down alcohol which eventually leads to the formation of other harmful chemicals in the body such as acetaldehyde. Meanwhile, all this mess is going on, alcohol breaks down Glycogen which is, in fact, a key source of energy in your body. In short, alcohol messes everything up in the most terrible way. And if you think, a cup of coffee could control the damage or a spoonful of Tylenol will work like a magic potion then you are definitely wrong.

After all that damage that has been done to your body over the past few hours. Your body does require a quick flush of all the toxins, and you need to fix the electrolytes levels by rehydrating your body to maintain its balance and vitality.

The Quick Fix: Hangover cannot be cured completely, but with IV drip combined with vitamin infusions your body can overcome the symptoms as quickly as possible. A full liter of hydration coupled with heavy doses of vitamins administered to your body intravenously bring immediate results. IV therapy ensures 100% absorption that means you will start feeling fine quickly as compared to the oral supplements.

So next time, choose smartly, hangover cure is just a drip away.

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