How Can BR+ NAD Therapy Help?

High dose intravenous infusion of pure BR+ NAD goes directly into the cell, bypassing the digestive system for better absorption. BR+ NAD is quick to repair the cells in your body and neurons in the brain.

BR+ NAD is a coenzyme of Vitamin B3 (niacin), which helps by binding to other protein molecules to activate an enzyme. Enzymes are responsible for thousands of different biochemical reactions throughout the body and BR+ NAD assists in more reactions than any other vitamin molecule.

How Does BR+ NAD Repair and Regenerate Cells?

Energy Production

BR+ NAD are converted back and forth in cellular reactions that break down food into energy.

Repairs DNA

BR+ NAD is constantly needed in order to activate PARPS, which allows detection and repairs damaged DNA.

Enzyme Activity

BR+ NAD and NADH are used to metabolize alcohol and convert lactate to pyruvate in the body.

Cell Signaling

BR+ NAD also plays an important role in communicating between the inner and outer space of a cell. Research is revealing that ATP and NAD may alert the immune response when it is in distress of if there is any inflammation.


Although there needs to be more research conducted, in some cases, BR+ NAD meets the pre- and postsynaptic criteria for a neurotransmitter. BR+ NAD is released from smooth muscle, neurosecretory cells and brain synaptosomes for cell-to-cell communication. 

Gene Expression

A type of enzyme called sirtuins is NAD-dependent and helps regulate certain metabolic pathways and genetic expression. More sirtuin activity leads to better health and longevity. It may also decrease inflammation, prevent neurodegeneration, cell life, and increast metabolism.

How is BR+ NAD Helping Our Patients?

50% Increase in Mental Clarity

45% Increase in Energy

37% Increase in Motivation

21% Improvement in Sleep

44% Increase in Stress Management

What Conditions Can BR+ NAD Therapy Help With?

What Makes Us The Best Choice BR+ NAD Treatment in New Jersey?

At New Jersey NADBR+, each and every patient has their own treatment plan based on their condition, so treatments can vary anywhere from 4 to 15 days. Clients receive IV therapy under the care and supervision of Dr. Johanan Rand, M.D. and his qualified staff.

The setting is a calm and quiet environment which allows for a peaceful environment while IV Therapy is administered.

BR+ NAD therapy anecdotally has a positive effect when combined with other advanced therapies offered at New Jersey NADBR+ treatment center.

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